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Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

As the application of object technology-particularly the Java programming language-has become commonplace, a new problem has emerged to confront the software development community. Significant numbers of poorly designed programs have been created by...

Автор: F. Martin,B. Kent,B. John,O. William,Roberts Don, Язык: rus, Издание: , 2002г., ISBN: 0-201-48567-2  (464 стр.)

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Many programmers know how to write correct code - code that works. But not all know how to craft great code - code that is well written and easy to understand. "Code Craft" teaches programmers how to move beyond writing correct code to...

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The training system is implemented with the use of the fuzzy classifier that represents fuzzy knowledge base, the input of which receives signals about current state of the traction rolling stock and of the environment. The results of the work allow...

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“All living beings are Buddhas and have wisdom and virtue within them.” (Buddha) Buddha ranks among the most depicted holy figures of the world – perhaps appearing more than Christ, a subject widely treated by Western artists. Venerated in all the...

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