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101 Hight Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

101 Hight Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

Increase muscle mass and decrease body fat with less total time in the gym. "Muscle & Fitness" shows how to get fast results in a fraction of the time with 101 high-intensity workouts.

Язык: rus, Издание: , 2010г., ISBN: 9781600783388  (176 стр.)

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This training will help you increase your success at least 2 times. That is, if you earned one hundred thousand – will earn two hundred. It should be noted that the simplicity of presentation, the author submits the material is admirable. The training...

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The jackknife is a resampling method that uses subsets of the original database by leaving out one observation at a time from the sample. The paper develops fast algorithms for jackknifing inequality indices with only a few passes through the data....

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